Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hati Kata Rindu..

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku,
aku sangat merindukan saat itu,
saat aku sangat mendambakan cintaMu,
saatku meletakkan Kau melebihi segalanya dalam hidupku,
Meskipun kepahitan ujian Kau kurniakan menjadi dendangan keteguhan iman,
Namun cintaku kepadaMu menjadi pengubat segala resah..

Ya Allah,
Ketika itu,
bisa saja aku menangis,
bisa saja aku cemburu,
ketika melihat sahabat seperjuangan berebut cintaMu melebihi diriku,
Tika itu,
bisa saja aku mahu mabuk dengan kemaruk cintaMu..
kuteguhkan hatiku dalam menepati setiap temu janji bersamaMu pada setiap hening malam..
mencium sejadahku dalam tangisan,
kerinduan terhadap rahmatMu...

Ya Allah,
Kini aku merasakan diriku semakin jauh..
Ya Allah,
jangan Kau palingkan daku dari cintaMu,
jangan Kau biarkan aku hanyut dalam kealpaan ini Ya Rabbi,
Berikanlah cintaMu yang menjadi pendukung
perjuanganku menegakkan agamaMu..
Ikhlaskanlah hatiku Ya Allah..

Ya Allah,
aku mohon...
ampunkanlah segala dosaku...
dosaku menggunung tinggi Ya Allah...
Bagaimanakah nantinya,
tika berhadapan denganMu..
sudikah Kau menerima hambaMu yang hina ini..
Ya Allah, Kau Maha Pengampun..

Biarkanlah aku tenggelam dalam lautan cintaMu,
Jangan biarkan aku lemas dalam lautan dunia sandiwara,
limpahkanlah hidayahMu dalam hatiku,
menyuluhku untuk menyambut cahaya cintaMu,
jangan biarkan diri ini hanyut Ya Allah.....
kasihanilah hambaMu ini...

Andai ujian itu penawar luka kealpaanku,
redhakanlah hatiku untuk menerimanya,
lapangkanlah tanganku,
lembutkanlah hatiku,
basahkanlah mataku,
untuk kutunduk kepada pengertian cinta terhadapMu..

Ya Allah.. kasihanilah diri hambaMu yg hina ini....

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin..

-Zinnirah Humaira-
-Bumi Allah-

Monday, January 17, 2011

How To Lower Our Gaze

    By Sabeel Ahmed
    "If I were not a Muslim, I would have contracted AIDS" proclaimed my friend. "The ayats in Sura Nur about lowering our gazes doesn't affect me anymore," expressed another youth, talking about the intense temptations felt by today's young. Difficulty in lowering the gaze by both the young and old is readily perceived on the street, weddings, parties and even in the mosques.
    What has gone wrong? How can Muslims, called by Allah, our Creator the model community, the custodians of Truth and the upholders of morality behave this way? Why are we adopting the attitudes and routes of the kuffar? How can we rectify ourselves? What follows is a series of practical, though graphic advises which can work for us and set us free from Satan's stronghold, Insha`Allah.
    Prophet Muhamad (pbuh), by way of warning and as a reminder said, "There is nothing left after I go more dangerous to men than the temptations of women." 
    Being optimistic, a ray of hope was also wisely provided during the prophet's Last Sermon "If the Ummah holds on to the Qur`an and Sunnah, it will never go astray."
    When Allah created humans with all our desires and urges, he also revealed to us sufficient and complete guidance to properly channel these desires, both in the midst of Dar-ul-Kufr or Dar-ul-Islam. All we need to do is seek it, contemplate on it and pursue it. 
    "This day I have perfected your deen for you, completed my favors upon you and chosen Islam as your deen." (Maida 4)
    We should realize that the fact the great sahabas were human beings also. Biologically there were no different from us. They had desires and temptations but yet, they controlled themselves in the best of ways. We can do the same, Insha`Allah. To possess sensual passions is human, to control them is Muslim. When confronted with an alluring situation like passing by a non-mahram on the street, office or school, Satan is constantly tempting us to glare at her/him with evil thoughts. Satan is probably excitingly saying, with a big smile, 'yes, yes, yes,' when we steer into the bait he is setting. During these situations, immediately and consciously realize that when we give a second or following glances, we are obeying Satan. 
    "O you who believe, follow not the footsteps of the devil " (24:21).
    By immediately averting our gazes and disobeying Satan, we are giving him a one-two punch in the face and leaving him frustrated and accursed.Satan rebelled and was expelled by Allah, so let's all rebel against Satan and expel him from our hearts. Satan intends to fight a war against Muslims, so let's gather our forces behind the Qur`an and the Sunnah and defeat him. Remember that even if no human eye is watching us, the Ever-Watchful Allah is constantly monitoring the innermost regions of our hearts. Our eyes, limbs, tongue and private parts will be witnesses on the Judgment Day and not an atom's worth of deed will remain unexamined. Our minds are conditioned to associate thoughts of stealing clothes from a store to being in handcuffs and hauled into a police van. Likewise we should condition our minds to bring the verses of Surah Nur in front of our eyes during any tempting situations and imagine that Allah is speaking to us directly 
    "Say to the believing, men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty .O you believers! Turn you all together towards Allah that you may attain success" (24:30-31) 
    If the Qur`an contained only these two ayats, it would be enough to convince me that it is the book of Allah. With practice, these associations and the remembrance of Allah during tempting situations will prevent us from getting stuck by devilish arrows. Successfully controlling our gazes also deadens our avoidance of sinful situations. An Islamic idiom says, "Anything that leads to haram is haram in itself." To do a pious deed is a reward; to avoid a sin is a reward too.
    One of the biggest culprits in this class is movies. In the name of entertainment, to please our peers and children and an excuse to do something together as a family, we astonishingly allow un-Islamic pictures and dialogues in front of our eyes and ears. Can we ever imagine (aozubillah) any sahaba renting the latest hit from Blockbuster Videos, or listening to music with alluring lyrics at high volume? Likewise we watch news on TV and stare at the anchor women, adorned in heavy make-up, scanty clothing and seductive smile.  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), was once approached by a woman with a proposal for marriage. He took a single glance at her face and turned his face away. 
    Jabir bin Abdullah reported: "I asked Allah's messenger about the sudden glance on the face of a non-mahram. He commanded me that I should turn away my eyes."(Muslim) 
    Thus, we are not supposed to stare at faces of non-mahrams, be they are our fellow students, our elders, saleswomen or someone on TV. Pious ladies of the prophet's household were ordered to observe purdah (separation) in front of a blind sahabah. Asking the curious questions as to why cover/separate when the blind sahabah could not see them, the prophet (pbuh) wisely answered, "But you could see him."  In our wedding ceremonies and parties and even in many Islamic fundraising dinners, there is heavy free-mixing between brothers and sisters. Often the chairs of males and females are arranged facing each other, knowing that about 90 percent of our sisters do no wear hijab. It is often noticeable to see males and females peeking glances at each other from the opposite ends of the hall. A big curtain is not my intention, but a big iman and befitting Islamic manners is.
    "A woman who applies perfumes and goes to a gathering is like an adulteress" the prophet said Muhammad. Compare this with our sisters who clad themselves with expensive perfume, one kilogram of makeup, and then come to mixed gatherings. Will this not attract the attention of males? Let's be real. We have lowered our moral guards so low that a humble word of truth often seems so awfully strange. Let us contemplate the above humble advices and constantly make the supplication, "O Allah help us control our sensual desires until we get married, and even after we marry, let our desires be only towards our spouses." 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dress In Islam

"I feel more intimidated by the flaunting of semi naked bodies in soft porn outfits, than I do a fully covered muslim Muslim woman" [Piffle]
"The very same headscarf revered as a sign of 'holliness' when worn by Catholic Nuns, is reviled as a sign of 'oppression' when worn by Muslim Women" [Sherif Abdel Azim]

Western politicians and media criticize Islam as an anti-women.They fear the growing trend amongst young, educated women all over the world to embrace Islam to reclaim their rights and dignity.
Just about everything that feminist in the West strives for in the 70's was already available to Muslim women 1400 years ago. Women enjoy more protection and respect within Islam compared to any faith.
The rights of a Muslim woman include the right to have her survival and sexual needs met by her husband, a marriage contract , divorce, refuse a marriage, and maintain her name when entering marriage. She also has the right to inheritance, own and run her own business, exclusive possession of her assets and dispose them in ways that she considers appropriate.

In the spiritual realm, women are equal to men as the only distinction amongst the Believers is the level of their piety. The status accorded to women in Islam is the best exemplified in the reply of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) when asked about Paradise.

"It is at feet of the mother" [Bukhari]
Western politicians and media portray Islam as anti women's rights by highlighting cultural and politician practices in Muslim lands that have nothing to do with Islam.

"Islam is not what some Muslim do but all Muslims are supposed to do!"
What Hitler, raised in Christian family, did was not what Jesus (pbuh) preached!
Muslim regard the West 's attacks on Islam as nothing but hypocrisy as reflected in their backing of groups that suppress human rights in Muslim lands.The hegemony control of the oil natural gas reserves in Muslim lands is the primary goal of the western powers.

"On entering Baghdad on April 9, 2003, US forced stood by as loosters burned and ransacked government ministries- except the oil ministry which they guarded diligently. " [The Star, January 11, 2007]
Muslim view the attacks against Islam as ways to divide and weaken Muslims to further the West's hegemonic ambitions. Every aspects of Islam is now under a magnifying glass,- to search for subjects to distort and misrepresent Islam as backward and violent.

They do not spare even the hijaab, the dress of the Muslim women. They highlight it as 'proof' of women's servitude in Islam. The effects have been the reverse. Islam is the fastest growing religion. More women than men are embracing islam in the west and other places!More women are wearing the hijaab, as a statement of their Muslim identity and liberation from Western lifestyles, that enslaves women to the fashion and cosmetics industries.

The Muslim women seeks spiritual beauty. Her hijaab is an external expression of her inner commitment to lead a way of life that pleases Allah the Most Merciful. Rather than making rules on dress styles, Islam teaches both men and women how to be modest and humble in their dressing. The dress of Muslims must be loose enough to hide the shape of the body. The dress must not transparent,  similar to dress identified with the dress of the disbelievers, and resemble the dresses of, or seek or attract, their opposite genders.

Wearing expensive apparel to show-off one's status and affluence is not the way of Islam. The Noble Quran calls on the descendants of Adam to wear their 'beautiful apparel at everytime and place of prayer' [7:31]

Islam does not require a person to dress totally in black, blue or green. Only saffron, the colour associated with polytheist, is prohibited as dress colour for Muslims. The dress of Muslims must cover their Aurat or 'parts that elicit desire'. Most hijaab-wearing women do not cover their face and hands.A small though easily visible minority wear a face veil (niqab) . They have been harassed and discriminated in 'liberal' West.

The defenders of individual freedom expose their hypocrisy by their calls to ban in public places the personal choice of a tiny segment of the population. Cultural practices and personal choices are constantly highlighted to portray Islam as a backward religion that needs modernization.  Their real aim of the secularist is to destroy the rise of Islam as a complete way of life and reduce it to a 'private matter'.

The Bible requires women "to cover their head" 
[1 Corinthians 11"3-13]
 Moderns interpretations have their downplayed the significance of these verses in the Bible. There is nothing   wrong in being modern, that if is a user of mobile phones. You can buy a more modern mobile phones every few months. Islam is not mobile! Islam is God's final revelation to humankind. The True Believers obey the commands of Allah The most Merciful. They seek to understand the wisdom behind the guidance found in the Noble Quran.

Islam redirects humankind from the false worship of created things to the true worship of the Lord of all created things.

The critics of women's rights in Islam expose their hypocrisy by their silence towards the multi billion dollar porn industry ($57 billion in 2006 in USA) that treats women like filth.

It is easy to understand why women are leaving the Western-secular culture and embracing Islam that restores their dignity.

-Dr. Y Mansoor Marican, Ph.D-                                      

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