Saturday, February 11, 2012

Facebook Is Hurting My Iman


This is the first time i write in this blog by using English language, maybe i should start to use English as my medium of writing since actually English is very important for dakwah. You know that there is a lot of non muslims out there that are craving to know about Islam, but because of Muslim lack of fluency to speak English, the message cannot be conveyed. I notice about this because my roommate is an Indian. Sometimes, she is very interested to know about Islam, but unfortunately, my weakness in English make things so complicated. by then, i determine myself to master in English so that i can speak about Islam confidently in front of non-muslim friends.

On top of that, since i need to repeat my IELTS examination (so sad, huh), so, it becomes compulsory that i must put a massive effort to gain competency to speak in English. You know, i notice that there are some people actually do have a quite good commands of English but the problem is, they don't have the confidence to articulate their thoughts in English (like me, huhuhu). Because of my weakness in English, i do feel a sense of inferiority complex within myself. You know, i always think that, it's such a peculiar thing, because majority of the students have learnt English since their childhood, but they are still incapable to communicate in English. Weird right?

Ok, enough about that. Hmmm, for the past few days, there were some of my friends kept asking me a question, guess what?

For sure is is not about marriage anyway. =_="

Erk, do you know that being a twenties really mean that you must start to think about marriage because it has something to do with your future? Oh, please get it clear, what do i imagine about future , of course is all about the continuity of dakwah survival for ummah, not just only about to having a halal relationship with opposite gender. I really mean it. FULLSTOP. 

Back to the question. The question that my friends always ask me is...

"Hayati, why did you deactivate your facebook account?"

Such a very challenging question that i have ever faced in my life. Ever. Ops, sorry, i am just exaggerating. =_="

Ok, first of all, the point that i want to highlight here has nothing to do with the connection between Facebook with Israel or neither Mark Zuckerberg. For me, yes, it is indisputable that Facebook has a lot of benefits. You can strengthen your relationship with your friends, or even make new friends out of it. On top of that, you can even doing dakwah by spreading the Islamic message to your friends. You also can gain a lot of knowledge when some of your friends delightfully make a bunch of notes to share with the friends. And the list goes on.. But beware, do not become over dependent on the Facebook. You will turn your life a mess. Believe me. I swear.

However, i do have a kind of feeling that by facebooking, i feel that my heart has blackened day by day. Yeah, a bunch of people out of nowhere adding you as a friend hoping that you will enliven their day through your attractive status updates. Sometimes i really afraid, if i approve these people, what are the stuffs i am going to see afterwards? You know, in the world of social network, lot of people build their second personality. It would make such a big deal for you to find out who is exactly the person that you befriend in the Facebook. Huhu, maybe i could say that sometimes i also feel that i live in second world whenever i always used a fake name as my default name. uh-huh. Furthermore, I don’t like the way Facebook undermines women’s hijab. I mean, putting up your pictures for the world to see, and having your male ex-classmates from college tell you how good you look and how you haven’t changed a bit! That is why i do not like to put my pictures on Facebook.

Facebook Is Hurting My Iman


Frankly speaking, whenever i am in Facebook, i often end up hours to explore the stuffs posted by friends. Some of it might be very good stuffs that can elevate your sense of spirituality, and some of it might also seems to be so disturbing that you cannot help yourself out of it. (i guess you know what i mean). I begin to realize that, somehow, over time, my newsfeed was becoming increasingly polluted with obscenity and other content that I disliked. I'd tell myself that it's okay if I just skim over it and seek out the useful news but I actually ended up knowing more about other people stuffs. bak kata orang Melayu,"jaga tepi kain orang". (damn, why there is no english proverb for this?)

Before this, I always unabled the comment and button "like" for my status updates since i find it is so annoying. But after the new style of facebook was introduced, i could not do the same thing since i did not know how. Including the notification thingy that normally include who like our status and comments, i feel that it has great potential to disturb the sense of sincerity whenever we want to share some tazkirah or any good stuffs. Unconsciously, we tend to mess up to know who are the one who always like our comments. Oh, the goldmine stuffs that we are hoping for become such a waste when this kind of thinking come across into our heart. Astaghfirullahal Adzhim.

I must admit that sometimes I always get involve in discussion in Facebook. This discussion sometimes can be positive, but if it is just about pointless matters that has nothing to do with the ummah, I should think twice. We know that the Muslim is a person who possesses right thinking, a pure nature and fine taste. Therefore, he only participates in useful talk with no inclination to indecent deeds or indulging in idle talk. Here, i want to apologize to some of my friends in Facebook especially from PSC INTEC group. I admit that sometimes i am being over-reacting in commenting some stuffs in the particular group. Snap! Uh-Huh?

All above all, after several weeks i make up my mind to take the decision on closing my facebook account, i am now absolutely certain that i have made a right decision indeed. Althought i must admit that i miss some my friends' updates, but i really apologized for the inconvenience that you guys encountered because of me. Anyway, all things that i have written here is just merely my own perspective, maybe Facebook has nothing to do with your Iman degradation. As long as you don't being zhulm to yourself, please utilize the Facebook wisely. =)

“O People who Believe! Fear Allāh, and speak rightly.He will rectify your deeds for you and forgive you your sins; and whoever obeys Allāh and His Noble Messenger, has indeed achieved a great success.” (33:70-71)

p/s : i am so sorry for any grammatical mistakes that i made. i will improve a lot after this Insya Allah.



  2. tu dia~ watch Shame and modesty by Nouman Ali Khan, of course on youtube.

    he also mentioned about the fb-thingy.

  3. ayu, alhamdulillah, aku dah tengok dah berpuluh kali kot modesty and shame tu, mmg lepas ak dgr brother Nouman Ali Khan cakap , ak tekad nak tutp FB. huhu..

    teacher, please help ni ya :D


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